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How 3D Animated Videos Can Help to Convert Visitors into Customers

How 3D Animated Videos Can Help to Convert Visitors into Customers

Business owners all over the globe are continuously looking for varied ways to promote their brands. And animated videos are the latest means of promoting your business. Animation has become a leading marketing and advertising tool that acts as a means of communication medium and 3D animation offers a wide range of varieties and usages that can be used for every industry to attract the audience and then convert them into sales. Industry reports have stated that animated videos are great ways to engage consumer attention and ensure that it gives you the best and appropriate ROI.

If 3D animation is done correctly, the video marketing can push conversion rates high and have a positive impact on the bottom line of your business. Online animated videos can spread across the core message of your brand to your customers on a very large level and to a higher percent of your website visitors than normal texts do.

Here in this blog, I will share with you why animated videos help your business to turn more viewers into buyers.

Aminations help to improve the visibility and online presence:

When you choose to use 3D animation for your business promotion, the chances of scoring better ranking with the search engines than your competitors increase a lot. Having a video on the home page or even on the landing pages allows your potential customers to get information on your brand and product and this helps to encourage them to actually get interested in the product and eventually go ahead with the purchase. This is in fact one of the best means to boost your conversion and also increase the visibility and online presence of your business.

Videos offer better user engagement:

Visitors often are very reluctant to real long content on websites and they don’t even try to go through them. They want something from which they can easily grasp all the information they need. Crisp explainer animated videos are great means to engage your target viewer for a longer period of time than expected and if the viewer remains hooked to the product, then it is likely that they will turn into customers.

In-video gating:

Websites often ask the visitors for some information before offering a high value asset. Some of the gates are simple and ask only email address and some of them are more complex that asks for name, company, phone number or emails. Deriving such contact information often means that you can start conversation with the clients through nurturing programs, emails or even sales call. Video gating works in the similar manner as text based content and often increase the conversion rate of the visitors to sales.

Videos are easy to search and share:

3D animated videos are often the most common things that target customers search while trying to acquire more information online about your products. They easily appear on all the search engines and thus the target customers can easily come to know more about your products. Videos often get a higher rank in Google results and so people can easily access them and in no time they become popular in social networks. Video sharing is also an integral part of social media as they are easily shared between friends and colleagues. Once your video is shared and loved by people, your product becomes popular and your visitors also start to convert more into sales.

Specific call to action:

Another most important reason why 3D animation videos help to convert more visitors to buyers is that it has a specific call to action. The viewers will know now what they need to do like whether they should visit a site or call a specific number or purchase a product to complete their task.

“Thus, while concluding, I can suggest that if animated videos are done creatively, it makes it easy for your visitors to turn them into customers.”

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