Animation Is the New Trend in Content Marketing and Here Is How Dream Creation Can Help

Animation Is the New Trend in Content Marketing and Here Is How Dream Creation Can Help

As the world moves towards the end of 2018, experts are already analyzing to look to the future and predicting about successful marketing strategies that will help businesses grow. Though creating relevant, interactive and engaging content remains to be the foundation of any online marketing strategy, there is also a growing demand for presenting visual content that continues to dominate.

Animation is a powerful tool for growing business and it is the simplest means to present your ideas to the visitors, whether you want to showcase a new product launch, a corporate growth story or why your products or services are best in the market.  Animation can easily tell your story. Social media posts or online marketing that contains video content often tend to generate a better response in terms of shares, likes, clicks and conversions that helps to increase the reach of the market. There is no doubt that the video is the best performing type of content that can be used to promote your business.

How Dream Creation can help build your business:


Dream Creation is a full service animation studio with skilled professionals in all the departments. With more than 40 artists in senior, mid and junior levels, the team works together for projects that are domestic as well as international. Dream Creation offers a wonderful platform for creative animation artists who are willing to showcase their talents in the animation industry. With some of our senior artists having more than 20 years of experience, we ensure high quality animation services that help businesses attract audiences and keep them engaged.

We help you to create extended marketing material: Our animations act much like an extension of an application, website or brochure. It is a great option to add life to an existing white paper or e-book that exists.

Convey complex business information in a simple manner: We help you to convey even the complex ideas in a simple way and when combined with voiceover, our animations can relate to audiences quickly.

Easy way to communicate, engage and convert: Based on your business, our animation artist can develop solutions that can answer to queries of clients and highlight necessary information that attract and educated customers.

Improved conversion rates: All our animation services are easy to digest, target oriented and entertaining. We offer customized solutions specific to business needs and desires.

Boost SEO: Explainer videos give a boost to SEO based on the keywords targeted for your business. Using keyword tagging effectively on YouTube, provides a great platform where people search for content.

At Dream Creations, our mission is to uncover stories of your business and bring them to life through animation.

Some STATISTICS on animation:


Visual content that is popularly used for business can range from photos, infographics, videos and gamification.  This is animation and here are some statistics related to it.

Animation offers major growth potential: Animation content contributes to the great business growth and adding animated explainer videos to the website landing page can see thousands of new customers, which can ultimately increase the revenue. Reports have shown that animated videos have the potential to boost traffic by almost 200 %.

Every business is doing it: Content marketing institute has stated that about 82% of B2B and about 79% of B2C organizations are now using animated videos in their content marketing strategies.

Limited time to attract consumers:  Visitors are becoming more impatient when they find length content that is difficult to consume. They are unwilling to read long blog posts that don’t have visuals and want something that is to the point, offers value and is also entertaining. All these are offered by animations.

Better for sharing: More than half of the executives are of the opinion that they would rather watch a video instead of reading text, and about 64% of the visitors who watch a video are more likely to purchase a product or service from the site. 90% people who watch promotional videos on their mobile devices share it with their followers or friends.

This shows that animated videos are something that you should consider.

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